Latest Version - WP-Client

We are now releasing the latest version of WP-Client Pro. Please read the IMPORTANT note below.

IMPORTANT: As of WP-Client Pro v.3.2.x, You will be using our new proprietary licensing system in order to activate and register WP-Client on your domains. We realize that this may present a small inconvenience, but we are confident that the long-term benefits in relation to customer convenience, and the ability to self manage your domain changes, upgrades, etc... will be well worth this one time transition.

The latest version is v.

If you experience any issues after the update/registration process, please let us know.




Please completely read below for details.



1. Completely backup up your installation, including both files and database. If you fail to perform this step, we can't be responsible for any issues associated with the update.

* We are not affiliated with WP-DBManager, but can attest to the accuracy and reliability of their backup/restore tools. We can make no guarantees, but in our experience, it has been reliable. Your mileage may vary:

* There are other products out there, so if you don't have this sorted yet, please be sure to figure it out.

(Alternatively to the steps below, you can click "Update Now" under the WP-Client entry in your WordPress Plugin menu. If the "Update Now" link doesn't immediately appear, simply deactivate then reactivate WP-Client (you may need to deactivate/reactivate more than once). The update link should then appear. )

2. Deactivate the WP-Client plugin, then delete/confirm to remove the files from your server. All of your data & customizations are safe in the database, so don't worry about losing your changes/clients, etc… ( DO NOT USE NUCLEAR OPTION OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR CLIENTS AND DATA )

3. After your initial purchase, an account was created for you at If you don't know your password, just use the “Lost your password” link. The system will then email you a Password Reset link from which you can choose your password. Please remember and write down this password. It cannot be provided for you by our staff, and if you forget, you will have to perform another password reset. Your username for your Control Panel is, by default, the email address you used to originally purchase the plugin. Please note however that you have the option to change your username upon your first login, so your username and/or password may not currently match what was sent in your original welcome email after purchase.

4. Once in your Control Panel, navigate to the "My Products" tab, then click the WP-Client icon, and download the latest version of WP-Client Pro.

5. Upload the newest version using 'Add new' Plugin, Upload via zip, Upload, and then Activate.

6. Finalize the registration using the API key provided in your Control Panel. Be sure you are using the API key for WP-Client Pro

7. Navigate to the WP-Client > Extensions tab and Install/Activate any/all extensions that you would like to use. The registration process for each extension is the same as with WP-Client Pro. Each extension has it's own unique API key which is available in the Control Panel.



WP-Client Dev Team