WP-Client v.3.3.6 Maintenance Release Change Log

Included in the v3.3.6 update of WP-Client is an exciting addition to the “family" of HUB Templates, that we are calling Advanced HUB.

The Advanced HUB builds onto the HUB Template functionality that was introduced with the EZ HUB feature. You can still create multiple HUB Page Templates, and assign the Templates to your Clients/Members however you see fit. Additionally, you can take the HUB Template creation process one step further, and take full control over the formatting and layout of the HUB Page. With the Advanced HUB Template, you will not be using the EZ HUB Navigation Bar. Instead, the Advanced HUB Template is designed to let you develop your content in the same way as a standard WordPress page. You can use the Visual Editor to format and style, or you can add HTML using the Text Editor. See screenshot HERE

This gives you greater control over how the HUB Page looks for your Client/Member, and allows you more flexibility in the design and implementation of WP-Client functions.

Below the Editor box, the Advanced HUB Elements are listed. These allow you to adjust various options for each WP-Client functionality, such as adjusting the sort of files and Portal Pages. See screenshot HERE

You can simply copy the placeholder listed for each element, and paste it into the Visual Editor where you would like the functionality to be inserted. See screenshot HERE

With these placeholders inserted, they will reflect the Advanced HUB Element settings that you have set, and will dynamically change if the settings are adjusted. This allows you to easily adjust settings for many HUB Pages at once, by simply making the adjustment to one HUB Template. As with the EZ HUB Templates, the Advanced HUB Templates can be assigned to one or more Clients/Members within your installation.

WPC 3.3.6 change log
- Added order option for files;
- Added new type of HUB page template - "Advanced";
- Added feature for assign clients and circles to Portal page from "Portal Pages" page;
- Added shortcode for view managers on client HUB page;
- Added feature for send private messages for circles;
- Added filter by circle for managers on the File Sharing page;
- Added new option for allow {php} tags in shortcode templates;
- Added code for ability change profile.php and then deleting validation for required fields;
- Added attributes to private messages shortcode, for show messages number & show more messages.
- Added feature for assign manager to circle;
- Added filters for messages;
- Changed PayPal icon;
- Fixed hardcode URLs for icons images;
- Fixed filter order for portal page;
- Fixed import expiration date;
- Fixed view in menu old pages;
- Fixed warnings when no assign manager to clients;
- Fixed problem with paid registration and auto approve;
- Fixed warnings for file order;
- Fixed files counters & filters;
- Fixed adding manager capabilities when activated plugin;
- Fixed autop in wp-editors plugin's pages;
- Fixed dashboard for managers;
- Fixed bootstrap css;
- Fixed some problems with Stripe gateway;
- Fixed problem with HUB preview from admin;
- Fixed Bulk Actions for delete files;
- Fixed client filter on Messages Page;