Circles allow you to group Clients together into different categories. This gives you more flexibility when managing a large Client base. Possibly you have Clients who work for different companies that you service, or maybe you have employees in multiple offices that you would like to segment.

Additionally, using Circles goes beyond simply grouping your Clients together. By using Circles, you can assign different Portal Pages, files, and more to multiple Clients with just a few clicks.

Add Circles

To add a new Circle, click on 'Create New Client Circle' from the Circles menu.

See here:

This will toggle a form into view for creating the Circle. Enter a name to assign to the Circle in the Circle Name field.

Edit Circle

Next to each Circle item in the Circle List is an Actions Menu. This allows you to either edit or delete a Circle. In edit mode, you can change the name of the Circle. Press Save after making changes to commit them or press Close to cancel any changes.

Assigning Clients

Click on 'Assign Clients' from the Action Menu lets you assign one, several, or all existing clients to a Circle.

Circle Settings

Auto-Select this Client Circle on the Assign Popups

Checking this box will make it so when you manually add a new Client (from the admin backend), or create a new Portal Page, that Client or Page is automatically assigned to this Circle.

Auto Add new Clients to Circle

This setting will automatically add all new Clients (who self-register using the Client Registration Form) to this Circle.

Additionally, you can assign files to a Circle using the File Sharing feature. This can be done either before or after a file is uploaded.

See here:

And here:

The same can be done with File Categories.

See here:

You can also choose to assign particular Portal Pages to a Circle before or after they are created.

See here:

And here:

HUB Templates can also be assigned to Circles.

See here:

Once you have a Circle fully setup, with files, file categories, a HUB Template, and Portal Pages assigned, you can simply assign a new Client/Member to a Circle, and all of the appropriate info, pages, and HUB Template will be assigned to them automatically.