If you would like to direct your team to a specific pages (such as "My Tasks") after login, this could be accomplished using Login/Logout Redirects.

1) While logged in as admin, navigate to the desired menu you would like your team to see when they login. In this example, we want to use the "My Tasks" tab. Copy the URL from your browser bar.

See here: http://screencast.com/t/tp68yre3F

2) Navigate to WP-Client-->Settings-->Login/Logout Redirects, set "Enable custom redirects" to "Yes", and choose "For Roles". From there, choose "wpc_teammate" from the dropdown select menu (you can also create the same redirect for your Freelancers if you desire), and paste the URL from the previous step in the "Login URL" box. Click "Update Settings" to save the changes.

See here: http://screencast.com/t/ii6IHjq6qNDT

That's it! Now when your Teammates login, they will be automatically redirected to their "My Tasks" tab.