In addition to importing Clients, WP-Client also gives you the option to import and assign Client's Staff users via CSV. You can do this from the "Client's Staff" Tab under the Clients menu.

To import, you must first have a list of Staff in a CSV format file. You can create this format from any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Spreadsheet. Your CSV file should be formatted to look like the following:

user_login user_pass user_email first_name last_name send_password client_username
alphastaff pass123
Bob Jones 0 alpha
bravostaff pass123
Cindy Stevens 1 bravo
charliestaff pass123
Tammy Goodman 0 charlie
deltastaff pass123
Jim McGill 1 delta

If you need a template to help you with your Staff import, you can find one attached to this post.

Instructions for creating CSV:

Microsoft Excel: Click HERE

Apple iWork Numbers: Click HERE

Open Office: Click HERE

From the "Client's Staff" Tab under the Clients menu, select the 'Choose File' button and navigate to your CSV file and select it. Click the button labeled "Import!" to import you file into WP-Client.


Once the import completes, you will see each Staff user in the Staff list.

Importing using Custom Fields

If you are using Custom Fields, and would like to include those in your CSV import, simply add the fields in their own columns to your CSV. You will want to use the "field slug" that you set up for each Custom Field as the column header.

See example HERE

Assigning Staff to Clients during import

You can accomplish this in two ways

1. Include a column in your CSV file with the column header showing this value: client_username (as shown in example table above). In this column, include the username of the Client you would like to assign the Staff to.

2. Use the "Assign to Client" dialogue provided next to the Import Button - See HERE
NOTE: If you use this method, then all of the Staff in the CSV will be assigned to the same Client upon import.